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Official Modules

AtomicJar partners with software vendors to maintain and certify official modules.

Community Modules

These modules are maintained by the community, outside of the Testcontainers project.


This module allows provisioning the WireMock server as a standalone container within your tests, based on WireMock Docker.

WireMock is a popular open-source tool for API mock testing with over 5 million downloads per month. It can help you to create stable test and development environments, isolate yourself from flakey 3rd parties and simulate APIs that don’t exist yet. WireMock has a rich matching system, allowing any part of an incoming request to be matched against complex and precise criteria.

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WireMockContainer wiremockServer = new WireMockContainer("2.35.0")
          .withMapping("hello", WireMockContainerJunit5Test.class, "hello-world.json");
import { WireMockContainer } from "wiremock-testcontainers-node";
const container = await new WireMockContainer()
 ctx := context.Background()
 container, err := RunContainer(ctx,
   WithMappingFile("hello", filepath.Join("testdata", "hello-world.json")),
 if err != nil {
 t.Cleanup(func() {
   if err := container.Terminate(ctx); err != nil {
   t.Fatalf("failed to terminate container: %s", err)
@pytest.fixture(scope="session") # (1)
def wm_server():
  with wiremock_container(secure=False) as wm:

    Config.base_url = wm.get_url("__admin") # (2)
        request=MappingRequest(method=HttpMethods.GET, url="/hello"),
        response=MappingResponse(status=200, body="hello"),
    ) # (3)
    yield wm