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Official Modules

AtomicJar partners with software vendors to maintain and certify official modules.


Synthesized Test Data Kit (TDK) is a DevOps’ best friend for database masking and generation. Forget about hacky masking and seeding scripts that can easily leak PII or produce inaccurate results. You can plug it in into your CI/CD pipeline or use it as a command-line tool.


//Input JdbcDatabaseContainer: empty database with schema input
PostgreSQLContainer<?> input = new PostgreSQLContainer<>("postgres:15-alpine")

//Output JdbcDatabaseContainer: output database with generated data output
PostgreSQLContainer<?> output = new PostgreSQLContainer<>("postgres:15-alpine")

String config = """
          mode: GENERATION
          target_row_number: 10
        global_seed: 42

new SynthesizedTDK(SynthesizedTDK.DEFAULT_IMAGE_NAME)
    .transform(input, output, config);