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Testcontainers Desktop

Download the Free Testcontainers Desktop app

Simple local development and testing with real dependencies
Install the app and sign-in to get started
brew install atomicjar/tap/testcontainers-desktop
Not your OS? Download for:

Debug your Testcontainers-powered dependencies

The app lets you proxy any service to a fixed port to easily inspect it with your favorite debugging tools. For example, inspect a datastore with your IDE plugin, or manage a Kubernetes cluster with k9s. You can even freeze a service to prevent its shutdown so you can debug it.

Track and analyze your test sessions

Need to spot-check that you’re running the correct container images, or how your tests are parallelized? The app automatically tracks your test sessions, powering dashboards that provide you and your team with insights into your development and testing patterns.

Switch container runtimes and burst to the cloud

Want to give Podman or Rancher a try? Simply switch your local runtime for all your Testcontainers-powered dependencies. And with Testcontainers Cloud, you can even run them in the cloud on demand, while saving your local resources.