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Shinya Yanagihara

Developer Advocate, VMware Japan


Shinya Yanagihara is a Developer Advocate at VMware Japan. He specializes in application development and is currently focusing on Cloud Native development using Kubernetes and Spring. Prior to VMware, he worked at Pivotal and Google Cloud driving legacy modernization.


What were your first experiences with Testcontainers?

Spring brought me and Testcontainers together.

What’s your favourite Testcontainers module?


What are your favourite features for Testcontainers?

Integration with Spring

What’s the most memorable bug you managed to reproduce with a test using Testcontainers?

It was interesting to see that developers who were not familiar with Testcontainers were impressed by the demonstration of a test case that I intentionally created to squash bugs, although it was not a bug or test case that I addressed.