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Philip Riecks

PragmaTech Digital Solutions


Philip Riecks is an independent IT consultant from Berlin, Germany. Apart from his freelance work, he’s running a blog and a YouTube channel to educate Java developers about #SpringBoot, #AWS, #Testing under the slogan Testing Java Applications Made Simple. Philip is convinced that testing can be joyful once you know how. Besides that, he’s one of the authors of Stratospheric - From Zero to Production with Spring Boot and AWS.


What were your first experiences with Testcontainers?

Excellent, blogging and answering question on SO for quite some time.

What’s your favourite Testcontainers module?


What are your favourite features for Testcontainers?

Reuse, Testcontainers Cloud

What’s the most memorable bug you managed to reproduce with a test using Testcontainers?

Integration test for a SQS listener where we migrated the production from Java to Kotlin that caught a serialization issues, that would have cost use quite some $.