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Karl Heinz Marbaise



Karl Heinz Marbaise is the chairman of the Apache Maven Project, a member of the Apache Software Foundation, Mojo Haus member, Java developer, CI / CD fan, and a freelancer. He has developed in C, C++, Object Pascal, Perl, PHP, Basic and assembly language (long time ago ;-)).

He’s been working with Java since 2005 and has started to use Apache Maven for building (has sometimes used Apache Ant).

For testing Karl is using JUnit Jupiter, TestNG, Mockito, AssertJ and of course Testcontainers and containers in general. And not to forget things like PITest, SonarQube, Spotless etc. On the infrastructure side he uses Jenkins, Nexus, Git (in the earlier times also SVN), Gitea, Github or alike. Came in contact with Go for the first time in order to solve some specific tooling problems.

During Java application development he uses Spring Boot and its ecosystem to develop different kinds of applications. He also does a number of different conferences like JCon Europe, BaselOne, FOSDEM etc.

He does numerous trainings for customers about Maven, Git, Jenkins (CI/CD) etc.


What were your first experiences with Testcontainers?

I started using Testcontainers ca. 2018 while having the need to build End-To-End tests with a complicated application setup (Spring Boot) where Testcontainers helped to solve that in relationship with JUnit Jupiter (based on the extentions mechanism).

What’s your favourite Testcontainers module?

Image: gvenzl/oracle-xe, sonarqube, gitea

What are your favourite features for Testcontainers?

To be able to integrate a full application within a container into your tests.