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Testcontainers Cloud

Run Testcontainers consistently on any OS

Offload test dependencies to the cloud and eliminate resource constraints on your machine, keeping it snappy and cool

Developer-first Testing

Test everything on your laptop without worrying about resources; no local docker daemon required. Experience lightning-fast performance on your Arm MacBook or Windows machine, as your containers run on our x86 architecture, just like in production.

Team Efficiency

Unify the developer experience across platforms: whether your team uses Windows, Arm or Intel MacBook, or Linux, everyone’s containers simply run on our cloud.

Reliable Test Suites

Run Testcontainers Cloud in your CI to ensure consistent outcomes. Trust that green tests on your machine won’t become flaky in your pipelines. Reproduce CI failures on your desktop in seconds with exactly the same back-end.
  • Adopting Testcontainers Cloud was simple. It just worked out of the box and gave our entire dev team access to a scalable backend to run their tests, with zero configuration or additional steps.
    Nicolai Baldin
    CEO & Founder at Synthesized
  • Testcontainers Cloud fits greatly into Netflix's continuous efforts to make developer feedback loop faster by allowing developers to run their tests locally and more frequently regardless of their development environment
    Roberto Pérez Alcolea
    Productivity Engineering at Netflix