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Testcontainers Cloud

Run Testcontainers
hassle-free in your CI

Ephemeral resources on demand means you can run your ever-growing test suite without scaling your CI

Seamless CI Setup

Remove the configuration problems and security concerns of running Docker-in-Docker or a privileged daemon. Testcontainers Cloud works with any CI Platform, including those without nested virtualization such as GitLab, CircleCI or JenkinsX. In persistent CI runners, Testcontainers Cloud also automatically performs fail-safe cleanups to avoid leftover containers.

Team Efficiency

Execute faster CI runs. With Turbo Mode, you get multiple on-demand cloud workers to execute your test suites in parallel, without needing the ops team to scale the CI runner.

Reliable Test Suites

Run Testcontainers Cloud on your desktop to ensure consistent outcomes. By shifting tests left you increase your iteration speed and reduce the risk of introducing flaky tests. Reproduce CI failures on your desktop in seconds with exactly the same back-end.
  • Adopting Testcontainers Cloud was simple. It just worked out of the box and gave our entire dev team access to a scalable backend to run their tests, with zero configuration or additional steps.
    Nicolai Baldin
    CEO & Founder at Synthesized
  • Testcontainers Cloud fits greatly into Netflix's continuous efforts to make developer feedback loop faster by allowing developers to run their tests locally and more frequently regardless of their development environment
    Roberto Pérez Alcolea
    Productivity Engineering at Netflix