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Testcontainers Cloud

Test Without Limits.
Ship With Confidence.

Testcontainers Cloud makes it easy for developers to run reliable integration tests, with real dependencies defined in code, from their laptops to their team’s CI.
Get started in 5 minutes!
Powering tests at

Run Tests, Not Containers

Test everything on your laptop without worrying about resources. No local docker daemon needed!
  1. Sign up for free
  2. Download the Testcontainers Desktop app
  3. Run the app and sign in
  4. Start your tests as usual; your laptop stays cold and snappy
Run your ever-growing test suite without scaling your CI, and speed it up by running tests in parallel. No system privileges required!
  1. Sign up for free
  2. Create a Service Account token
  3. Add the agent to your CI workflow
  4. Start tests in your CI as usual; your tests are running in the cloud!
Enhance team efficiency by getting rid of flaky tests and ensuring consistency from dev to CI
  • Adopting Testcontainers Cloud was simple. It just worked out of the box and gave our entire dev team access to a scalable backend to run their tests, with zero configuration or additional steps.
    Nicolai Baldin
    CEO & Founder at Synthesized
  • Testcontainers Cloud fits greatly into Netflix's continuous efforts to make developer feedback loop faster by allowing developers to run their tests locally and more frequently regardless of their development environment
    Roberto Pérez Alcolea
    Productivity Engineering at Netflix

Full Testcontainers Experience

Testcontainers is an open source framework for providing throwaway, lightweight instances of databases, message brokers, web browsers, or just about anything that can run in a Docker container. Testcontainers Cloud lets you have the same great experience wherever you are running your tests.

Unit Tests With Real Dependencies

Supports Popular Languages

Test Anything You Can Containerize

Get Started In Minutes!

  • Works with your existing tests without any code changes
  • Install the non-privileged agent and you are good to go
  • Plays nice with both public and private registries

What Our Users Are Saying

  • Frederik Hahne
    Did I already say that @testcontainers is awesome? Of course I did, but if you get the chance to (early) access @AtomicJarInc’s testcontainers cloud ☁️ you should not hesitate to do so! It really “just works”, great piece of software!
  • Andy Wilkinson
    I had the good fortune of being asked to beta test Testcontainers Cloud. It’s the real deal. Drop-in replacement for Docker Desktop and containers now start more quickly, both in Spring Boot’s own build and tests of various Boot-based apps that I maintain. Impressive start.
    Atomic Jar

    Ever wished for integration tests to be faster, easier, and more efficient? Wish no more!

    We’re happy to announce Testcontainers Cloud - a lightweight, fast, and secure integration testing platform for everyone.

  • Rashidi Zin
    Our team was blessed to experience @testcontainers Cloud and it’s so easy to migrate. No more worries over dependency on dind.
  • Simon Vergauwen

    I used @jetbrains Gateway only briefly but I can already see it’s the future of development.

    Most of us work on laptops but need to run multiple servers/containers just to locally develop some applications.

    @testcontainers Cloud is another great example!

    Michael Rittmeister
    So, I’ve been using @jetbrains gateway for about a month, no (because they didn’t give me @JetBrains_Fleet), however what Gateway can do is crazy, you notice that it is still a beta and I have been creating lots of YouTrack issues, but it’s amazing
  • Cédric Champeau

    Got an exciting @micronautfw spike working:

    1. start a build
    2. runs tests which require a MySQL server
    3. let Testcontainers Cloud spawn a container
    4. let tests run in JVM mode
    5. build a native image of the tests
    6. run them against the same container https://scans.gradle.com/s/wtup4pxg2ihec/timeline
  • Piotr Mińkowski
    @QuarkusIO Dev Services 🚀 and @testcontainers Cloud are a great match. Assuming we have 2 apps + #kafka just:
    🔹 Run #testcontainers agent (no need local Docker)
    🔹 Run both apps in dev mode - Kafka (shared between apps) starts on testcontainers cloud
  • Gerrit Meier
    Friends of Docker wormholes in CI, I have bad news for you: I just threw @AtomicJarInc @testcontainers cloud support into the build config and things(tm) are just working.
  • Siva
    Today I got the opportunity to try out Testcontainers Cloud by @AtomicJarInc. It worked great with very minimal setup and I didn’t have such a pleasant experience with any new tool in the recent time.
    Kelsey Hightower
    Kelsey Hightower
    Those that build software for a living, what are your thoughts on developer experience? Bonus points if you can provide one real-world example of a great developer experience and how you leverage it in your development loop.
  • James Ward
    Holy amazing wowsers! The best improvement to developer productivity since docker has landed. I got hands on with Testcontainers Cloud yesterday and it blew me away. Local dev, test, and CI will never be the same. Forever better. Thank you @AtomicJarInc!
    Atomic Jar

    Ever wished for integration tests to be faster, easier, and more efficient? Wish no more!

    We’re happy to announce Testcontainers Cloud - a lightweight, fast, and secure integration testing platform for everyone.

  • Josh Long
    @AtomicJarInc has a Testcontainers Cloud offering that’s in limited private beta but I bet they might be able to help you… :)
    Nilesh Gule
    @starbuxman what tool did you use in the video to run containers remotely? Does it remove the dependency to have local Docker or Docker Desktop installation?
  • Nikita Salnikov-Tarnovski
    Shout out to @AtomicJarInc ! Thanks to their Testcontainers Cloud I was able to run the full test suite of @opentelemetry Java Instrumentation project on Apple Silicon. That was A LOT of different containers that still does not run on latest MBPs.
  • Vladimír Oraný
    Simply wow. I’ve just got chance to test @AtomicJarInc @testcontainers cloud and still I can’t believe how simple is it to use :-) ⚛️❤️
  • Michael Simons

    I have to say, @QuarkusIO dev-services combined with @testcontainers in the cloud via @AtomicJarInc is brilliant.

    No load for the containers on the local machine and config-free setup.

    Expect more about it soon.

  • Oliver Libutzki

    Had the opportunity to try #TestcontainersCloud.

    Here is the manual how to execute all your existing @testcontainers tests in the cloud:

    1. Download Testcontainers Cloud Client
    2. Start Testcontainers Cloud Client
    3. Run tests

    That’s it. That’s the manual.

    Just amazing!

  • Max Rydahl Andersen
    This should be interesting! Ever since @quarkusio introduced devservices that uses @testcontainers I’ve wondered how we could make it available for users without the machine power or even access to docker. Testcontainer cloud solves that problem.
    Atomic Jar

    Ever wished for integration tests to be faster, easier, and more efficient? Wish no more!

    We’re happy to announce Testcontainers Cloud - a lightweight, fast, and secure integration testing platform for everyone.

  • Michael Simons

    Are @testcontainers fast enough for TDD (test driven development)? I think yes, absolutely. Especially if you set them to reusable.

    Having only a thin client at hand but still want to use them? Using TC cloud from @AtomicJarIncmakes this possible.

  • Sergei Egorov
    “With @testcontainers Cloud, we run the backing containers for our integration tests in the cloud. There’s no change required for our test. […] I am convinced that this will drive the productivity (e.g., faster builds) for testing with Testcontainers even further.” 😍🤗
    Philip Riecks

    I’ve combined my collection of pitfalls, tips & tricks, and workarounds for developing (and testing) Java applications on an Apple M1 🍏

    This includes tips for working with @testcontainers, creating images with @Docker, etc.